Rob & Kris outtakes

Kristen & Taylor outtakes.

Kellan, Ashley and Justin talk about their doggies

PS! when did justin get so cute?

"twilight Beauties" in Glamour

Ashley looks sooo pretty in this!
well, they all look beyond the legal amount of pretty-ness, but still.. *jelous*

Kiowa (embry) howles for the fans!

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Ew portrait

This beautiful and cute portrait was done under comic-con and TCA made a really funny short "story about it" haha.

RPattz: Oh Kristen, I can never be with someone who doesn't have as schmexy hair as I do!

KStew: Lol, whatevs, Rob - no one can resist the way I rock this mullet - I'm a badass chick *nudge nudge* just what you need!

Ashlice: Srsly, you're looking over there - have you seen how good I look today?!

Taycob: What the hell?! Do people only heart me when my shirt's off? Why won't they see that I'm not just a beefcake *sigh*

Too cute for words!

Exuse me and my super-crush on Jamie. But this was adorable.

Nothing wrong with that, bb!

The new moon cast backstage at Comic Con

It's hard to tell what Rob is thinking when he hears all those screaming twi-hards ;P

After-the-convention photos

Here's some funny and cute photos of the cast after Comic-Con!

Sexy eyes, Rob ;)

They would make a great couple, don't ya'think? Anyone who knows if he's still dating Annalynne McCord?


more Comic Con interviews :)

Btw, have you noticed that Kristen seems a bit more relaxed and rocky? maybe the runaways has changed her? ;P

Comic con interview with the cast and director Chris Weitz

Here's this really funy interview with Chris and the cast at the Comic con :) Enjoy!

"Shut up!" haha :)

Noot Seear interview.

Here's a great interview with Heidi Noot Seear, done  by WWD Lifestyle:

"I've always been biting at the bit to get into this industry," says the model, who has trained with famed acting coach Alan Savage for the past few years and has already had bit parts on Canadian TV shows. "Alan was always like, ‘Be patient, you've only got one shot at this,'" she says. (It doesn't hurt that Seear's New York agency, One Model Management, has helped the likes of Devon Aoki make similar career switches.)

But when the opportunity to be part of the "Twilight" juggernaut came about, she knew it was her time. "I started reading the books, and I couldn't put them down," she says.

She admits she was worried her modeling years would hinder her acting chops. "I was really scared because you're not allowed to look in the camera [when filming a movie], but in the modeling world, you're supposed to," recalls Seear, whose problem was solved by the heavy-duty violet contacts she had to wear on-screen. "I literally couldn't see 2 feet in front of me. They would tell me, ‘Look at Kristen [Stewart],' and I was like, ‘OK. Where is she?'"

Seear is as excited about the film's debut as the franchise's cult fans. She's already picked out her dress for the premiere (Balmain) and is anxiously awaiting her upcoming Heidi action figure.

We found her!

Nikki that is! It was hard. but yes, she's alive. and living it up in greece, and who's with her? Non other than Paris Latsis. ehm.. kinda random, dont ya think?
and they're holding hands!! come on Nikki, you can do much better!

Nikki looks beautiful as always, btw..

Slow news day..

It hasn't happend much in the twilight-newsworld. And what do we do when its a slow newsday?
We post our favorite interviews ofcourse!
This one is of when Rob and Taylor were guests on The Tyra Banks Show. This is one of my favorite cast-apperances.
My favorite part is when rob goes "you had an episode when you were a stripper??!?!?" hahhaha. The first time i've seen him actually act like a guy.
and ofc, when taylor takes whippedcream from a girls face and eats it *crowd goes insanse* I have to admit, that was very kinky of him..
Go kinky-taylor! talks to Jamie Bower.

Your character, Caius, wants Bella dead the most. How much of that will we see in the film?
Jamie Campbell Bower: As in the book, the Volturri play a small but necessary part in this film. They come much more into play in the fourth film. I'm playing Caius very angry and agitated with the world, I suppose. Just glaring looks. You'll see as much as you read in the books.

Do you think Caius is agitated because he's the only vampire of the three who doesn't have a power?
JCB: He doesn't have a power! He's just pissed off about that! He's so angry! He doesn't like Bella because he can't eat her. He's not happy about that. Why is she there if he can't eat her? What's the point?

What power would you give him, if you could?

JCB: I'd give him the power of love.

Doesn't Caius have a wife?

JCB: He does have a wife, yeah, but she doesn't seem to be around. I don't know where she is.

What went into your research? Did you read the books? Did you get to talk Stephenie?

JCB: I haven't had a long discussion with Stephenie. My plan is to have a long discussion with her at some point today. Maybe it won't be a long discussion, maybe it will be like five minutes.

Yeah, I read the books and I did a lot of online research, because it's good to know what people who've read the books think about the characters as well. Because the books alone have such a huge fan base. You've got to stay true to what people want to see, I think. So I did that and talked to lots of people. And my friends gave me their ideas as well.

Did they make you audition for the role?

JCB: They did! They did make me audition. Disgraceful, isn't it. Shocking!

Did you read the books before you auditioned?

JCB: No, I didn't read the books before I auditioned, no. I went off the sides. Once I got the role, I obviously read the books. My 15-year-old brother kind of sat me down and insisted. I went back to my mum, and she was like, "You're going to read this, and you're going to read it now!' I was like, "OK, that's cool."

What went into your audition? Was there more than one?

JCB: It was one day. I originally auditioned for the role of Demetri. I went in, did a taping. Chris wasn't there. Then they called me back at like 2:00. Chris turned up; I met Chris. A week later I get a call like, "So, you're not going to get Demetri, but we're going to offer you Caius." I was like, "That's cool!" I'm just psyched to be a part of it. It's awesome.

Are you going to Italy?

JCB: I'm not going to Italy. No, I have to go back to London to go and do Harry Potter, which'll be nice. I'm playing Grindelwald, Dumbledore's old friend, possible lover, who knows.

Do you know?

JCB: It's not in the script - hardcore love scenes - but that's the rumor anyways. I don't know who's playing the young Dumbledore. I've only gone in for my fittings and stuff.

Did anything in Sweeney Todd prepare you for this?

JCB: I don't think so because my role in Sweeney, he was kind of soppy. And he was nice; effectively, he was a nice guy. And Caius is, I don't want to say not nice, but he's a little bit more brooding and dark.

Rob is Pregnant!!!!!

OME this is so funny!!!!

Billert is the new It. Couple, everybody!

So Kristen was reportedly pregnant, which we cleared up and showed to be totally false.

Rob is probably pregnant with my child. It's funny no one picked up on me and Rob's affair.

Do you wish you were more involved in rumors like your younger costars?

I don't feel left out at all. They can keep me out of those rumors as much as they want.

How do you think Rob's handling all this attention? He seems stressed out on the set of his new movie, Remember Me... Think R.Pattz would ever get totally fed up with it and quit acting altogether?

You mean pulling a Joaquin Phoenix? I doubt he would go that route. He's got a lot of talent. He's got his art, as opposed to being bogged down by all this bulls-t. I think he's handling it well. I feel a little bit for [Rob and Kristen]. I think [the attention] was unexpected by both of them.

Do you sometimes feel like a spokesperson for Rob, Kristen and the other castmembers' personal lives?

Some people do ask, but they know the answer they're gonna get: I don't know anything.

OK then, how will the next few Twilight films be different?

Haven't seen a script yet, have no idea what's going on. Nobody's seen a script yet.

Twi fans want more sex and violence with their beloved vamps. Blame True Blood. Think any of the upcoming movies will ever be R-rated?

I doubt it. I doubt they'll go that far. Stephanie [Meyer]'s books are what they are, and to go beyond that is gonna be a misconception of what the actual text is.

We know Robsten & Co. are hotter than the Harry Potter kids, but will the boy wizard beat out New Moon at the box office?

We took their release spot the last couple years, and we're taking their summer release spot next year. I don't get into competition. I just want the movies to be good.

What if there's a Harry Potter/Twilight crossover? How much would that make?

What do you mean, that they meet? Harry battles Edward? I doubt it. That would be a complete bastardization of what's going on!

I loved this interview! and even though we didn't get so much NM info, we did get a good laugh!
I love Billy! and he rocked as Charlie with that mustach, dont you think?

Christopher interview!

Over his career, Christopher Heyerdahl has played a Wraith, a demon, Bigfoot and now the centuries-old vampire Marcus, in the cast of the upcoming sequel film The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

It's perhaps one of the highest-profile roles for the versatile Canadian actor, who is known to fans of Syfy's Sanctuary, Stargate Atlantis and dozens of films and TV shows.

"Well, it's a little independent film I'm helping out with," the good-natured Heyerdahl said with a chuckle and tongue firmly in cheek. "This guy, poor old Marcus, is a 3,000-odd-years-old vampire who has spent at least the last 2,000 of it with a broken heart. Really, one of the main reasons to play that character and have anything to do with that series is my niece, who is absolutely obsessed with this series of books. To see how it has had such an effect on the teenage female community throughout the world is amazing."

Word of Heyerdahl's casting in the second of four contemplated films based on Stephenie Meyer's best-selling books caught the attention of his friends. "I have friends of friends who send me e-mails and call me from all over the world," he said. "Every one of these young women feel that this story is about them. It's absolutely remarkable to be a part of something so widespread. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

Heyerdahl's character is a member of the Volturi, a venerable coven of vampires based in Volterra, Italy, whose members also include Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning.

"He's one of the oldest vampires on the planet, and who doesn't want to play a 3,000-year-old vampire?" Heyerdahl said. "The cast that I get to work with, like Michael Sheen. ... We had so much fun goofing off together. It was an absolute hoot. Director Chris Weitz's version for this piece is like a Renaissance painting. The images were absolutely beautiful, and the character is such a tragic old fellow." (Possible spoilers ahead!)

WOW, good interview! For you who want's to read the rest and be spoiled a bit (I didn't read it, I try to keep away from spoilers of all kind) Click here.

Behind the scenes at The Runaways

Damn those wolfpacks!

They've got us all drooling and shiz.
Here's a new pic of our favorite wolves!

Wow.. Paul Alex is pretty darn buff. But he looks so short standing next to sam Chaske.

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