Slow news day..

It hasn't happend much in the twilight-newsworld. And what do we do when its a slow newsday?
We post our favorite interviews ofcourse!
This one is of when Rob and Taylor were guests on The Tyra Banks Show. This is one of my favorite cast-apperances.
My favorite part is when rob goes "you had an episode when you were a stripper??!?!?" hahhaha. The first time i've seen him actually act like a guy.
and ofc, when taylor takes whippedcream from a girls face and eats it *crowd goes insanse* I have to admit, that was very kinky of him..
Go kinky-taylor!

Postat av: Camila

When Tyra asks Rob to bite her..omg.

2009-07-21 @ 08:58:55

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