Reason 1,485,546 we love PFach

Im in love with peter, no doubt!

TEARS were coming down my cheeks cause i was laughing SOO hard.. OMG.
I think i was an inch from falling down my bed..
PLEASE watch this if you want to have  good laugh!!!

PS! I love you peter!

PFach at forbidden planet

Peter Facinelli a.k.a PFach was at the forbidden planet in Dublin yesterday signing autographs and meeting fans.
Damn, that man is DILF.
Sorry, younger readers.. couldn't hold it in much longer..

Interview with Peter Facinelli

here's a new interview with Peter where he talks about the baseball game in Portland, and about the twilight movie of course ;)

RO: Tell us about the baseball game tomorrow?
PF: We're going to test our vampire baseball skills in front of a large crowd and I think a lot of people are going to find out that a lot of the cast members don't know how to throw a ball and they just made us look good. The Make-A-Wish Foundation asked if I would play and I thought it was for a really good cause. I like doing charity events because I think it's important to give back. I played baseball when I was younger but I haven't played in a long time, so it should be fun. I hope Rachelle's on my team. She's the one with the wicked curve ball, right? I don't know, I'm showing up with my old oiled glove and waiting to see where the coach puts me. I don't even know who the coach is. I might be the coach for all I know. I think Carlisle should definitely be the coach. The difference is tomorrow there are no special effects, whatever speed we run and however we hit the ball is the real deal. We're going to have no stunt doubles tomorrow.

RO: What did you think about doing a vampire movie?

PF: When I got a phone call from my agent asking if I wanted to do a vampire movie I didn't want to do it, so I read the book in a day and I fell in love with it. I thought it was a great story. It's like a throwback to the old Bella Lugosi movies where it had the mystery and seductiveness of the old stories. That is why I enjoyed vampire movies. Somewhere along the line they became horror zombie movies and so that's what I thought when I first heard of it, but when I read it and realized that it wasn't about that I said sign me up!

Bikini Dance!

OME! HAHAHHAHAHAAHHA. This was SO worth all the trouble..
Ladies and gentleman... '
Rob Defranco dancing to single ladies in a bikini!

Win Peter's chairbacking!

We have now found more info about the "Give away the backing of Twilight-chair to follower" thing Peter Facinelli's doing on his twitter!
You can enter the drawing for Peter's Twilight Chairbacking by clicking here.

On June 30th, one lucky fan
 will be chosen to win
Peter Facinelli's Twilight actor's chair as well as an iPod Touch.

Three runners-up will also win an iPod Touch!
Join 211(me), Peter Facinelli, and Affliction Clothing in L.A. on June
30th to watch the drawing of the winner. Details coming soon.


Yay, Peter won the bet!! (not that we ever had any doubts ;) ) Here's the video he made afterwards:

Watch Nurse Jackie

I know i was dying to see Nurse Jackie starring Peter Facinelli. So i found this site that where you can watch the first two episode online.
If you don't have firefox (You need it to watch the one link at the site) just click on "Link 1" or "Link 2" over the vid!

Click here to watch Nurse Jackie Episodes 1 & 2.


Better quality extra interview

You know the EXTRA interview with peter i posted a couple days ago? With the crappy sound?
We've got a new better vid that you can actually HEAR what they're saying! :D


Peter's interview with Mtv

I though i just post the whole thing right here. So here you have it! (...It's pretty darn funny. I love Peter's ridicolous answers..)

If you have a Twitter account - or were thinking about getting one - the affable actor is asking you to follow him (@peterfacinelli.). With mere hours remaining in a wager that has swept across the Twitterverse, the "Twilight" actor spoke to MTV News about his unorthodox bet, whether we'll ever see him in a bikini and how one lucky fan can someday clone their very own Robert Pattinson.

: How's it going, Peter?

Peter Facinelli: It's going good - but I need more Twitter followers!

MTV: Yeah, as of Wednesday morning [June 17], you're at 205,000. You're not even halfway there!

Facinelli: I know, man. I think Twitter's broken.

MTV: Explain the contest for us.

Facinelli: Rob DeFranco [@211me] is a friend of mine. He was at my house and saw the backing of my chair from "Twilight" - that piece of fabric that says my name and says "Twilight" on it. He asked if he could have it, and Rob is a betting man, so when I said no, he said, "Well, I'll bet you for it."

MTV: And how did Twitter get involved?

Facinelli: I had just joined Twitter, so he bet me that I couldn't get 500,000 followers in a week. I let the fans decide what Rob DeFranco has to do if he loses - and the sick and twisted minds of my Twitter followers decided that he'd have to dance down Hollywood Boulevard in a bikini singing [Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"] with a sign that says "Twitter me." So I think I got the better end of that deal.

MTV: And if that happens, you're going to give away the chair back to a fan?

Facinelli: Yeah. The fans have been having fun with the contest, and I decided last night that if I'm going to lose this chair backing anyway, I'd rather have a fan get it than my friend Rob. So I threw in some incentive last night - if we hit 500,000 by Friday, then I'll give away the backing of my chair to one of my followers.

MTV: How will you decide who gets it?

Facinelli: I like riddles. I think I might do some kind of riddle, and the first person that posts the correct answer will win the chair backing. That sounds more fun than a raffle, right?

MTV: Yeah, and the Twilighters all want the back of your chair really badly.

Facinelli: Especially since Rob Pattinson sat on my chair. It has some RPattz sweat on it.

MTV: Oh God. The winner could hire some CSI guys to remove the hairs and DNA.

Facinelli: Definitely. One day, in the future, you might be able to clone Rob Pattinson if you own the back of my chair. That's all I'm saying.

MTV: What would Dr. Carlisle Cullen have to say about such a contest?

Facinelli: Carlisle likes a good game. I think he'd be excited. I think Carlisle would totally follow me. And he's got a good sense of humor - so he'd want to watch Rob DeFranco dance down Hollywood Boulevard in a bikini.

MTV: The Twilighters want to know what it would take to get you into a bikini.

Facinelli: Wow, I don't know. A man-kini or a bikini?

MTV: What's a man-kini?

Facinelli: A man-kini is those European thongs that men wear. It's like a Borat thing.

MTV: Whatever you feel comfortable wearing, Peter. You tell me.

Facinelli: You might spot me on some beach one day in a man-kini. Keep your eyes peeled.

MTV: Are the Cullens technologically advanced? Are there "Twilight" moments we don't see in the books with them Tweeting each other?

Facinelli: Oh, for sure. Look at the cars that they drive. They're pretty up-to-date in the world. They have so much time on their hands - I think Carlisle would totally have a Twitter page.

MTV: If people are reading this on Friday, can they still make a difference?

Facinelli: Absolutely. The bet ends at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, and Friday is "Follow Fridays," so I'm hoping to get some hits there. If Rob loses, we all get to see him do the bikini dance - I'm definitely going to put that on YouTube. That would be too classic - and all 500,000 of my followers get to watch that.

MTV: You played Mike Dexter in "Can't Hardly Wait." Is it safe to assume that, if you don't win this contest, you'll kick the asses of everyone in this room?

Facinelli: Definitely.


Another reason you should follow Peter's Twitter.

He has now made a change in his bet! If he wins, he will GIVE his actors chair to on lucky follower!

sounds nice? Follow Peter's twitter here!

Check out the video he made for more info


Interview with Peter!

Here's a new interview (hey, that rimes! :D) with Peter Facinelli that i just found!
He talks about NM, Nurse Jackie and about the famous bet at his twitter account!
Check it out!


Peter's Twitter bet!

As you all know.. Peter Facinelli made a bet with his friend that if he doesn't get 500 000 followers by friday, he has to give up his actors chair for Twilight :(
And we all can only guess how much that chair means to him!
I checked before, and he doesn't even have 200 000!!
SOO COME ON EVERYBODY! let's follow Peter! :D
you can do that here.

Here's also a veeery funny video of the bet!


Peter's last words

OK! Magazine har en kort, men bra intervju med Peter Facinelli. Han svarar korta svar, på korta frågor.
Ni kan läsa hela här på bloggen, eftersom den är hyfsat kort.

Last Time I Said "I Love You":

To my wife this afternoon.

Last Romantic Thing I Did for Jennie:

We went out to lunch together on a nice little romantic date.

Last Time I Lied:

I don't remember. There, I just lied right now.

Last Text I Texted:

Let me see. Hold on. [checks] Rob Pattinson. I said, "I'll see you in a little bit." He's in NYC.

Last Time I Was Starstruck:

When I met former New York Governor George Pataki. I don't really get starstruck by actors, but Pataki was a governor! I grew up in New York. That was kind of a big deal.

Last Meal Before I Die:

Jesus! I hope you don't know something I don't. So many foods... I don't know why but a hamburger keeps popping to mind.

Last Time I Cried:

Wow. The last time I cried was when - what's that singer's name who didn't win America, err, Britain's Got Talent? When Susan Boyle didn't win. Because she should've won, dammit!


Peter Facinelli hos Ryan Seacrest (Radio)

Tänkte att jag skulle dela med mig av den här roliga intervjun med Peter när han gästar Ryan Seacrest. Han pratar mestadels om sin nya serie "Nurse Jackie" men även lite om twilightserien och familjelivet. Mot slutet av intervjun pratar han om "paranoida" Rob som jag nämnde förut i ett inlägg. Enjoy!

- Sofia

Holy Carlisle!

Som ni vet är den jättesnygga pappan och vampyren Peter Facinelli gift med den underbara Jennie Garth.
Tur för Jennie så har hon en liten "grej" för karaktären Carlisle I böckerna, Och då är det väll bra att hennes man spelar honom? ;)
Hon ber tydligen ofta honom klä upp sig till Carlisle och gå in i rollen... som förspel i sängen!

I en intervju har t.o.m Peter erkännt : "She has me dress up like all the time. She says, 'Put the doctor's coat on!' I'm like, 'Again?'"

Busigt värre vår vampyr-gud!

Dom är iallafall sjukt snygga tillsammans!


Peter Facinelli hos Chelsea lately

Här är en rolig intervju med Peter! Han pratar om sin nya serie "nurse jackie" och kärleksrykten mellan Rob och Kris ;)
- Sofia

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