New Alice picture

16 second New Moon trailer preview

kinda have goosebumps..
the backroundmusic is GREAT!!
taylor really is awesome! can't wait for the whole trailer
(any one besides me that thinks the first teaser trailer was even longer than the averege full trailer, and kinda worked more as a real trailer then just the teaser?
well... if that's the teaser, i dont know what to expect from the real one. maybe 5+ minutes?)

New Moon calendar scans!


Twilight VS New Moon. Which look do you prefer?

I personally think that the looks for new moon are way better :)

New HQ New Moon Pictures

Click for HQ's

WOW... this movie is going to be preeeeeeh-tty!
Love the gold/brown palette of the entire movie...

Melissa Rosenberg talks about a Victoria scene *SPOILER*

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

The Volturi!!

what do you think? I'm speechless :O Just look at Dakota! (and everyone else of course, but especially her). I think they all look perfect for their roles, just like I imagined :)

The sneak peeks with subtitle!

Here are the sneek peek videos again but with subtitles :) I don't know about you but I had a difficult time hearing what they're saying, especially in the second clip, so I'm very grateful for these vids :) Enjoy!

New Moon soundtrack update!

Director Chris Weitz has now confirmed that Bon Iver and Radiohead's Thom Yorke will most likely have two of their songs on the soundtrack wich will be realeased on October 13 (don't know if it's the same date in Sweden though)

Have a nice day! :)

New Moon Scenes that was shown att C-C!!

I think every post today deserves a "!!!" in the end!
and nooow ladies and gentleman! I have the two scenes of NM that was shown at yesterdays comic-con!!
The quality is decent, but all the yelling, kinda sucks. but whateverrr!! :D
Scene #1. Bella and Jacobs motorcyckle rides. and Edward hallucinations!  
Scene #2 Bella and Alice race trough italy to find Edward. OME.

New posters/pictures/screencaps/you name it! from New moon!

Warning: Highly addictive!

Post Scriptum: Jackson is definetely my new idol, just look at that expression! :D

New moon still close-up :)

This is going to be gooood :)

Death cab for cutie on NM soundtrack?

FMQB says this:

Death Cab For Cutie will contribute a brand new song to the soundtrack to the upcoming film Twilight: New Moon. The track will arrive in August, while the soundtrack itself will be out later this year. Twilight: New Moon will land in theaters on November 20.

Wow.. Don't know what to think.. Ofcourse this isn't official until we hear from Summit or someone we can trust.
But if this is true, Im soo happy!
I LOOVE Death CFC. I think the mood of their songs would fit New Moon perfectly!
Their song I will follow you into the dark, may possibly be the most beautiful song ever.

PS! I really hope this is true, because then the Muse and Radiohead rumors may be true, also.
...and if Muse is on the soundtrack I might just die,
a liittle bit more.

HQ reunion pictures!

Jacob promo picture!

Taylor Lautners character, Jacob Black has now a New Moon promotion picture.

that is a really.... sexy cool picture! Really shows his inner Jacob!
..and the tattoo is really sexy!

A personal moment here...

Just saw that sofia wrote that Muse will be in the NM soundtrack *Hyperventilates*

NM soundtrack.

LA times has a short interview with NM director Chris Weitz where he shares details about the soundtrack to new moon:

Driving home from a day of post-production, Weitz says he understands what's at stake. There are 450 visual effects shots to complete, in addition to the score and the movie's soundtrack, which he says will feature songs from Radiohead, Muse and Band of Skulls, among others. But the sequences he's readying for the event -- one, an action scene that will feature some of those effects, the other, a love scene sure to elicit hysteria from the crowd -- will be done in time.

Behind the scenes of New Moon

Wow, found this newly released pic from LA times, it's probably a picture from the Bella-Alice reunion, and ofc.. Jacob's there. Very pretty!

It's a little blurry cause it's a magazine scan, but we'll take it!

New Moon Chocolate

Yep, you heard right.
They're now making NM choclate.. haaha, It better be delicious!
NMM writes:

The newest piece of New Moon merchandise is-get this-a creme filled milk chocolate heart.  Jessica found this candy at Blockbuster.  The chocolate hearts feature three different packages with the faces of Edward Cullen, Bella Swan and Jacob Black. The candy is named "Heart's Desire" and is made by Skybar.

Inside the package, you'll find the same chocolate design in all three wrappers.  The shape of the chocolate is two hearts on top of a base, the top heart has "Bella" written on it and the heart below it has the Cullen family crest.

Sounds yummie!

New bookmarks!

We posted the edward bookmark a while ago, but now pictures of the wolfpack/jacob/bella&jacob bookmarks have been released.
take a look!

I think the pictures are really cool, but in my opinion I'm not a bookmark type of person so... I think spending money on bookmarks is where my line goes.. haha

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