Kellan semi-naked????

Well, pepole. I don't know if this is photoshopped or the real deal. I don't think it's Kellan. Because.. He's body's just more.. big.. haha this guy does have some seriously muscle action! but not enough as Kellan..
But on the other hand, this may be an old picture...
I've made it very small, so if you are at a proper age and dare, click for the larger view.
(geez, i'm making it sounds much more harcore than it is.)

Bad boys, Bad boys..

What'ya gonna do,  What'ya gonna when they come for you'

Mood of Norway

Our boy man Kellan Lutz got all dressed up for the opening of Mood of Norway store in L.A.

Kellan celebrates 4th july!

Kellan attended two parties on the 4th july!
First off, Social Magazine's Party:

And afterwards.. AXE Lounge where he seems to have more fun.

It's OK! with Kellan.

Kellan lutz did a interview with OK! magazine.. Here it is!
PS. Loves the pictures! haaaawt.

What is your typical day like on the set of New Moon, the sequel to Twilight?

New Moon was a very relaxed film to work on and it all starts with how easy going director Chris Wietz is. That vibe rolls down to the crew and actors. It makes it so easy when we've all worked together before. Everything was so well organized, making it easy for the actors to do our job. We had more time to just laugh and make jokes and hang out; it's important to have a cast that gels the way we do and you'll see that more in the second film.

The entire cast of Twilight and New Moon has gone from Hollywood new faces to overnight international sensations - has that been a bonding experience for all of you?

It's amazing what Twilight has done for the cast! It has opened up so many doors for us all. It is such a blessing to be a part of the phenomenon that is Twilight. It's a dream come true! We are all very close and stay close on set as well as off. We play board games, go out to dinner and just hang out. It's amazing to be able to work with such a talented group of actors.

How did you prepare to play Emmett in New Moon?

I prepared a lot by delving into the back-story for my character, Emmett, that I created while shooting the first movie so I just picked up that same notebook again for New Moon and added a little more to what I thought embodied this character. I find it easy to get in the role; Emmett is the perfect match for me. I do love creating a back-story for characters; it helps you transform into the role and it makes it yours.

Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?

I'd like to continue acting for as long as possible. I truly love it and I am lucky that not only is it my career but it's something I really enjoy doing so it doesn't feel like work. Hopefully in ten years, I'll have an amazing family with a beautiful wife and little Kellan's running around to play football with.

With your physique having garnered so much attention, can you give our readers some tips on keeping fit?

There's a lot of advice that I could give but what works for one person might not work for another. I just exercise regularly and try to eat healthy. There's no method to my madness. High protein meals are important and I love eggs and chicken so I try to eat that almost every day that I can. I love fruits so I always have fruit in my kitchen to snack on. I would suggest finding some sort of cardio that you enjoy. I hate running so for me it's swimming. Stay as active as possible and don't just sit in front of the television; do push ups or sit ups during the commercials. Even a little hard work goes a long way.

The cookiemonster!

Kellan stopped by Seventeen magazine and did this short, funny video (and probably somethine else also..)

How cool is that?!

Ok, So Anna and I fell in love with these amazing and unique bracelets, so we bought them as a friendship symbol.  And what do we discover? That Mr. Lutz himself has the exact same one ;D Look for yourself:

So now we can say that Kellan is bounded to us, whether he wants to or not ;)


Kellan goes cowboy!

Pepole has made another funny video (same ones that made Rob's sexy stares vid), this time with Kellan and 90210 Ryan Eggold  who are buddy's in real life too!
They talk about mustaches and (?)
Check it out here.


Kellan Lutz i ny photoshoot

Kellan har gjort en photoshoot för en okänd källa, men bilderna är fortfarande lika snygga!
(klicka på bilderna för större format)

fler bilder finns här.


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