Sorry everyone..

This is not a news-post.. but i saw this video over at RAOR. Some of you (like me) have already seen this interview.
but I just had to post it just because.. well.. it's F-ing hot!
He looks kinda drunk (part of the hottness.) and that hair. mmmmmmh...

Now I can die happy...

all my fantasies have come true....almost

sometimes I wonder if he actually tries to make us sob?

Best of.. Robert Pattinson

I think it was time we did a "best of Robert Pattinson" where I collect the schemxiest pictures of him in my hardrive! :)
In no spec. order.....


just HAD to include this last one just because the awesome jaw-porn..

wow.. choosing pictures must have been the hardest thing. evah! too much pornnnnn..

Oh no he didn't!!!




I HONESTLY think i might just died a little bit.
please, PLEASE Rob... stop.. just stop.
It's not even fun anymore. not when it hurts looking at you.
I'll post it , and if you dare, you can look.
But in that amount, it's probably not healthy for you...
holy shit........

This should be illegal...

Us weekly outtake

everytime I think he can't be any hotter, he comes out with a new picture or some other kind of shiz.
he HAS to know the effect he has on us while he sits there and poses.. with his sexy, ripped shirt.. and bare muscle arms and..those eyes can.. wait, what were we talking about?

Four new posters

Discshop has released four new posters of Rob that are now availeble to buy for 99:- (instead of the previous 129:-)

Wow, these are some beautiful shots of Rob! And the price is pretty good too!
maybe I should buy one...

Oh right, it's day in U.S..

Forgot for a second that it's day right now in the u.s. but we have a new pic from the set of remember me.. Nothing very exiting has really happend scence... well.. never?
but we do love the daily rob-pictures. So if you don't mind. I'll just keep publishing pictures.

This picture is from today in NY, and today's outfit is the vodka shirt and favorite jeans.. has he always worn his own clothes on set? Or am I just reaaally slow?

15 things you learn by stalking Robert Pattinson.

*May contain some Spoilers*
This was written by a girl over at who was allowed on the new moon set for over two days *a bit jealous*

RPattz didn't talk to me. (No one is more disappointed than I am). Here's everything (like, everything) I picked up from stalking him around the New Moon set for two days:
Robert Pattinson is a sugar hound. There was a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups wrapper on the seat of Pattinson's on-set chair and a can of Coke on the armrest. I toyed with the idea of stealing the items for some cash on eBay, but both were gone the next time I walked by. Did he finish them? Throw the rest away? We'll never know. I drew the line at digging through his garbage.

2. Like the rest of the cast, Pattinson's canvas director's chair had his character's name (that would be "Edward Cullen") embroidered on the backrest. On Robert's chair, however, "Edward Cullen" was covered with yellow tape, on which "ROBERT" was written in bold black marker. Seems our fantasy boy likes to keep things "real."

3. I watched Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene and Robert film a scene in the Volturri lair. During this dramatic play-by-play, Robert wears an ankle-length maroon cloak very bathrobe in its design. It appeared to be velvet, but I couldn't get close enough to touch him. It. I mean it.

4. Edward's presence in the novel as a disembodied voice in Bella's head clearly wouldn't do for fans hungry for some larger-than-life RPattz on the big screen. The filmmakers recognized that a largely Pattinson-less New Moon would do little to satisfy fans; therefore, Edward appears to Bella in vision form. Sexy, sexy vision form.

5. Shooting these vision scenes required a massive (think warehouse-wall-sized) green screen and a camera on tracks that slowly zoomed in towards our boy. I got to watch Robert film one of these apparitions, and while he didn't actually utter any lines, he did display a series of intense facial expressions. He also sported a very dapper gray suit.

6. Robert seemed ultra-eager to end his work day while filming some of this apparition work. After a particular take, Pattinson consulted with director Chris Weitz. A synopsis:

Weitz: (While inaudible, the director seems to be telling our star that another take is necessary.)

RP: "No! It's fine, it's fine!"

Weitz: (Inaudible speaking. Gesturing.)

RP: "F--k."(Walks back to the set. Steps on his mark. The dolly rolls towards him. RPattz makes a pained-looking face. Weitz yells "Cut!" The whole process takes about seven seconds.)

7. Robert is friendly with his fans. When Rachelle Lefevre, who plays the villainous Victoria, introduced her little sister to the star, he seemed generally affable, shaking her hand and flashing a big smile. Then he laughed, and I think an angel somewhere got its wings.

8. Robert is alarmingly, nerve-wrackingly handsome in person. He also seems to have some sort of gravitational pull, as every woman on set, not limited to, but certainly including me, inched closer to him as covertly as possible when he was in the vicinity. He didn't seem to care or notice.

9. The picture below (from the March 2009 issue of GQ) hangs in the New Moon production office at Vancouver Sound Studios:

There were also pictures of him coming out of the printer as I walked by it. Literally. Everyone in the buzzy office seemed to be as dazzled by him just as we, of the general population, are -- especially the harem of young, attractive women working there.

10. I stood behind Stephenie Meyer while watching Pattinson, Stewart, Ashley Greene, Michael Sheen, Cameron Bright and Dakota Fanning film a scene in the Volturri lair. It went a little something like this:

Edward, Bella and Alice stand in front of the Volturri. Edward, looking many gray shades of haggard, takes a dramatic step toward the vampires and seems to hit an invisible wall. He crumbles to the ground, writhing in pain. Alice, wearing red gloves, crouches down to tend to him.

Bella: "Stop, stop! Try it on me. Just stop hurting him!"

This scene was done at least five times, and despite it taking place on the other side of the set's massive wall, I could hear the thud of Pattinson's body hitting the ground each time. There's no way this felt good. The man suffers for his art.

11. Robert has the confident, swaggering walk of a guy that does well for himself with the ladies. This success surely isn't hurt by his carved physique, which I was able to thoroughly assess, as Rob's cloak/robe was tied loosely enough to expose his chest. Although it was painted a vampiric shade of white, it was worth the risk of getting bit for.

12. Regardless of the international pandemonium he causes, Rob is, according to co-star Lafevre, really just a humble, friendly guy.

She says, "Twilight was a very ego-less set, and the thing that's really a relief is that everyone has stayed the same way. Outside we may be able to go outside and just get in a cab, whereas Rob has to do CIA-evasive maneuvers to meet at the same restaurant, but when we get to the restaurant and we sit down, everything is exactly the same."

13. People cater to the boy. One of the stage managers made a point of putting together a plate of food for Robert so he wouldn't miss a meal while filming, saying: "Just tell me what Robert wants, and I'll set it aside for him."

This must be what it's like to be treated like a movie star, as no one offered me anything to eat.

14. Even Taylor Lautner has Pattinson envy. When I asked Lautner the one bonus power he would bestow on Jacob, he responded, "I want to steal one of Edward's powers." Seems even werewolves get jealous.

15. The only time I saw the very elusive Kristen Stewart not on a monitor was when she walked by me on her way to the set. She was with Robert. Maybe this means all those secret relationship rumors are true ... nah, I'm pretty sure it was because they were both to be in a scene together. So I'd like to think ... 

I know it's fake..

...but is it wrong for me to still feel a bit sad?

The makeup pepole srsly did a great job!

Cuteness overload!!!!!!!!!

I don't know if this is a scene from the movie or just him beeing happy.
....but hey, a rob-smile is a rob-smile!
We'll take what we can get!

Why, pepole? WHY?!

This just makes me so sad :(
No one deserves that invasion of privacy, I don't know why.. But I just have the feel of need to say sorry to Rob... do you ever feel that way?

I think I might just had a small stroke.

our boy cleans up VERY good!
Do you think it was for the same scene as Emilie was shooting with her dress? Hot date night? hehheee....

Supercute Emilie!

Another day at the Remember Me set.. Rob doesnt do much but drink coffee, cola. chllin' etc.
This last day though, the girl everyone want to be  Emilie was spotted with a very cute dress!

And of course, we couldn't end our post without a pic of our dear boy!

Show poor harry some love, pepole!

"Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy. He's got the height. If girls like short and nerdy, then I'm a sex symbol!"

Naaawww! poor harry. he's right though, but still..

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Here's a video (two parts) of the remember me fight scene. I'm really excited about how this is gonna turn out in the movie =) Enjoy!

Bruno comments on our boys clothes!

"Fantastisch! Fantastisch! he's probably too gay-he should probably take the T-shirt off."
Bruno, we agree!
Take the shirt of, Rob! :D Listen to bruno, He knows his shiz!

Set of Remember me: 8 July

Look at our boy! All dolled up! :D

Newly realesed photos of Rob

Here's two new pictures from the oooh-so-gorgeous rollingstones Photoshoot.


Twilight Poison translates Rob interview.

I don't know if you'd read this before, but if not. Here you go!

Move over Zac efron... Have you met the High School Musical star?
We met at an awards show. He's the new face of success. But he's all the opposite of what I thought he would be. He's so honest and down to earth. You'd think he's so prepared for the press, but he's not.

What do fans say about you when they meet you in person?

They are increadibly opinionated. They have very clear ideas as to how I should live my life. Who knew 15 years old could be so moralistic?

Is it true that you did castings for vampire characters before?

Yes, I did an audition for True Blood, but that didn't work out. I didn't think I would get the role of Edward Cullen either, because the character is very enigmatic. I didn't want to play the biggest vampire stereotype, so I tried to humanize him.

When you got the role a lot of fans were very angry....

They didn't want me. They sent me hate messages and the Internet was full of comments. They said I looked like a bum.

Do you understand why Edward appeals so much to young girls?

No, I don't get why people like this character in such an obsessive level. The fact that he's so polite and opens doors for girls, all that. I don't get why teenagers like this stuff.

Did you get along with Kristen Stewart?

In the beginning I thought: "She's so serious, so I have to be very serious too". And I went on without talking to her for like two weeks. She must have thought I was stuck up. I only spoke to her about the movie, other movies, books, serious stuff. But I felt like an idiot. I dropped the act and we got along great.

It's been said on numerous occasions that you're in love with her and that you proposed to her on the set of the movie...

I don't remember that happening, but if that's what she said, then it's true.

Click here for the whole interview.

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