Four new posters

Discshop has released four new posters of Rob that are now availeble to buy for 99:- (instead of the previous 129:-)

Wow, these are some beautiful shots of Rob! And the price is pretty good too!
maybe I should buy one...

Postat av: Anonym

Oh my, the perfect bedroom posters! Not that I'd be able to sleep much but anyway..

2009-07-20 @ 16:41:29
Postat av: Cathrine

Wow! great blog, i'm a huge twilight fan and it's great to read blogs like this

keep up the good work!:)

2009-07-20 @ 17:34:53
Postat av: Trixie

Yum yum at number three..

2009-07-21 @ 10:52:48

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