Death cab for cutie on NM soundtrack?

FMQB says this:

Death Cab For Cutie will contribute a brand new song to the soundtrack to the upcoming film Twilight: New Moon. The track will arrive in August, while the soundtrack itself will be out later this year. Twilight: New Moon will land in theaters on November 20.

Wow.. Don't know what to think.. Ofcourse this isn't official until we hear from Summit or someone we can trust.
But if this is true, Im soo happy!
I LOOVE Death CFC. I think the mood of their songs would fit New Moon perfectly!
Their song I will follow you into the dark, may possibly be the most beautiful song ever.

PS! I really hope this is true, because then the Muse and Radiohead rumors may be true, also.
...and if Muse is on the soundtrack I might just die,
a liittle bit more.


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