Another Jackson interview

This time for MTV. Enjoy!

Watch out Robert Pattinson - there's another musical talent in the "Twilight" family. Jackson Rathbone-a.k.a vampire Jasper Cullen - is making a name for himself on the music scene with his band 100 Monkeys, and there's a chance they might make an appearance on the "New Moon" soundtrack.

"We'd love it," Rathbone told MTV News. "[But] we're not really pushing for it," he said.
"It's one of those things where if they want to put our song on the album, I'm not going to complain."
The 24-year-old describes his band's sound as "old school rock and roll," that is heavily influenced by blues and funk.
 "It's not whiney music," he added.

After the jump, the actor talks about his now-famous scene in the "New Moon" trailer and working with director Chris Weitz.

Rathbone doesn't let his music get in the way of his acting, though.
"Whenever I'm working on the ‘Twilight' movies, I work all day on the film and then I go and rehearse with my band at night,"
said the Singapore-born actor.

Speaking of "Twilight," Rathbone said that if fans were excited by the recently unveiled "New Moon" trailer, they will be blown away by the full-length film.

Read the rest here.


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