Just a question..

I was looking on our page trough my sisters computer and saw a disturbing thing..
Well, the font of our Headline Text was waaaaaaay off.. let's demonstrate.
This is what it looked like trough my sisters computer..

and THIS is how it's supposed to look like!

WIERD, huh?
And the wierdest.. my sister and I have the same kind of computer!!
So that's just reaaally strange. And I hope you guys see it how its supposed to look like!
so now, I have to ask you to comment on how it looks like on your computer!
you'd really help us out to fix this problem. :)

Postat av: Viktoria

Jag kan se det som det ska vara.

Men det måste vara så att din systers dator har inte det teckensnittet installerat, då blir det ett annat.

2009-07-26 @ 23:56:04
URL: http://viktoriastwilight.blogg.se/

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