All the cast members show up!!

this is what Courtney shared:
Not one second later did the same tinted window bus pull up to the side of the theater i was at. I was completely alone, with a bunch of cops standing in front of the opening doors of the bus. A bunch of random comic con badged people walked off the bus and THENNNN.....through the bus doors...I saw that famous jawbone and those pursed lips wearing ray bans. Sure enough...there is Robert walking down the bus steps only centimeters away from me. I didnt have my camera out but he was the most beautiful man I have ever seen. Just when I thought I could die a happy girl...out walks Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser, Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke, Rachelle Lefevre, Ashley Greene, Kellan, Anna Kendrick, Michael Welch, Kiowa Gordon(Embry). I saw Kristen Stewart literally RUN out of the bus...she looked so scared of the fans so i managed an action shot of her but wow...when Taylor Lautner came out. He honestly glows...he is so photoshop on those promos pics...honestly...the man glows. I was literally shaking.

I managed to get myself off of cloud nine and run back to the line. I shared all of my pix with my line friends and my boyfriend. It didnt stop there. When we were let into the theater we were giving amazing freebies including DuWop's new Lip Venom and the New Moon candy. They also handed out official New Moon posters signed by various cast members (mine is from Kiowa Gordon!!) others got Michael Welch and unrecognizable signatures. We rushed to our seats in the theater and I realized that we were split into a couple of different screening rooms. Once seated (we got the second row!!!) there was a microphone placed front and center and we were told we would receive 5 random castmates. I took a video this time (fully prepared ;) this time) and taped our group. Sadly :( no Rob or Taylor but my group got Kristen, Nikki, Rachelle, Kellan, and Billy.

she also shares a video! :D


Postat av: julia

Förlåt att jag stör.

Men gå gärna in på denna sidan

och så ser du den lila blomman med ett hjärta bredvid som ligger på ett trädbord.

Snälla rösta på den så är du guldvärd.

Det är min bild och skulle gärna vilja komma en av dom 10 bästa.

Snälla snälla rösta.

Om du inte hittar bilden så gå in på mn blogg så finns bild där.

Tack !

2009-07-24 @ 16:30:10

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