Ash hooking up with Chase Crawford????

sure looks like it!
I wouldn't normally even think twice when i read gossip aboud the cast. But this time they have evidence!!
...and not the could easly-be-someting-else-innocent kind, real freakin' proof!

   Laineygossip writes:
Ashley Greene is heading back to Vancouver. Before leaving this morning she said goodbye to Chace Crawford. With her lips. See?
Ashley and Chace were both at the Teen Choice Awards last night. Wonder if they slept or if he kept her up asking a million questions about Robert Pattinson's favourite colours.
Ashley was last linked to Adrien Grenier - smart to get rid of him with all his Ebola history. Before that Ashley was also getting down with Ian Somerhalder from Lost and now The Vampire Diaries for an evening in Vancouver.
Twilight has its very own Manslinger. Good. She's in control, she calls the shots, she walks when she wants to. Love it.

And now for the pictureeees...

our dear ash sure knows hot to pick'em :D
great catch, bb!
they'll make the CUTEST couple, don't ya think?


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