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Q: What's been the biggest difference between this shoot and the Twilight shoot?

We know what we're making this time around. I mean, for the first film, we really had no idea we were making a big film, we just knew that we were all in love with the series and wanted to make a great movie. But we didn't know that all the people were going to fall in love with the movie and it was going to be as big as it was. Now, we're coming into 'New Moon,' you know, with a little bit more pressure, but we're trying to push that behind us and not think about that, and stay focused on what we need to do.

Q: What's the difference between working with Catherine Hardwicke and working with Chris Weitz?

They're both so talented in different ways. What I love about Chris is the set is very calm and we're just having a lot of fun making the movie. And then you sit back and you look at the results that are happening and it looks amazing so far. I'm so excited to see it. And you just sit back and see what's going on, and you're like, 'How are we having such an easygoing, relaxed time making this movie, and it's turning out the way it is?' At the same time, the conversations with Catherine - she just related to us so well. So does Chris. They're both talented directors, and I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to work with both of them.

Q: Have you had a chance to meet David Slade yet? Has he come to set or met anybody?

He came up here, briefly. I was in the middle of a stunt rehearsal, and he showed up with Wyck, one of our producers, and Wyck was like, 'Hey, this is David.' And at that point he wasn't signed on to the film and I had no idea who he was. Then all of a sudden he started putting up these ‘camera hands' in my face; 'Yeah, I think this would be a good angle right here.' And I'm just sitting there going, 'What is he doing?' Then finally, as he's doing it, Wyck says, 'Oh, I probably should tell you who this is. This is David Slade. He's probably going to be doing 'Eclipse.'' I was like, 'Oh, that makes sense now!'

Q: If you could give Jacob, as a werewolf, one more power, what would it be?

Oh boy, that's a tough question. Um...I want to steal one of Edward's powers, because I like them. But then I'd feel like I'm betraying Jacob if I said that. (Laughs.)

Q: Which one of Edward's powers would you take?

Well, I don't want to sparkle. Definitely, I don't want to sparkle. We [wolves] can read minds, though, right? Each others', but not anybody's. Ok, well, I'd like to read Bella's.

Q: Are you liking having a Wolf Pack? You're not the only one anymore.

Yeah, it's fun! They're a lot of fun, they've got a lot of energy, they're fun to have around. I'm really glad that they were able to come up and have fun with us.

Q: There's a lot of talk about the fight scene between Jacob and Paul...

The sad thing is, it's not gonna be me. It's gonna be a CGI wolf. But I'm sure it's gonna look just great.

Q: How did you all develop the bonds that have to translate on screen?

We hung out, while they were up here. We went to dinner, we went to some movies. We all get along, so I definitely think you're going to see that in the film. They're fun guys, they're easy to get along with.

Q: Are you all BFFs now?

I don't know if we're BFFs! But we're friends.

Q: Have you wrapped, or how much more shooting do you have?

Let's see. We're almost done. I think we've got another two weeks left, and they've got a couple of scenes left. It's sad, but it's alright. We'll be back soon.

Q: What's been your favorite scene to film so far?

Um...I'd either say, some cool action scene I got to do, because I really do like the action, or I really like the break up scene. We call it 'the break up scene.' It's the first time Bella sees Jacob after he's transformed. When she comes to his house, and she sees for the first time that his hair's cut, he's different, what's up...?  And he tells her, 'We shouldn't be friends.' It's a really emotional scene.

Q: Considering how moody Jacob gets in 'New Moon' - toying with Bella's emotions - do you feel bad at all?

I don't feel bad one bit; I feel bad for myself! (Laughs.) No, when I was reading the books, I felt so bad for Jacob's character. But now that I'm actually living him, I feel way worse. Bella's toying with Jacob! I don't care if she's ripped between the two guys, I feel so bad for Jacob, because she confused him; one moment, she'll want to kiss him, and the next moment, she's ditching him for Edward. I mean, yeah, I understand where Bella's coming from, and it's a crappy situation for all of them. But I feel really bad for Jacob.

Q: A lot of fans are looking forward to the scene in 'Eclipse' where Jacob and Bella finally have the kiss.

Yes, so am I.

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