Oh right, it's day in U.S..

Forgot for a second that it's day right now in the u.s. but we have a new pic from the set of remember me.. Nothing very exiting has really happend scence... well.. never?
but we do love the daily rob-pictures. So if you don't mind. I'll just keep publishing pictures.

This picture is from today in NY, and today's outfit is the vodka shirt and favorite jeans.. has he always worn his own clothes on set? Or am I just reaaally slow?

Postat av: Bella:)<3

I don´t mind;) I just looooooove you´re blogg, I would like to ask you somethings, if its okey with you I mean.like: how do you "make" your heather and stuff like that,I don´t understand it. but rather on the messenger. Please contact me:)<3

2009-07-18 @ 11:07:40
URL: http://belma94.blogg.se/

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